What are the conditions for the material moisture of cow dung organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Material moisture is an important guarantee of organic fertilizer manufacturing process in the fertilizer production. The quality of organic fertilizer is also deeply affected by material moisture. People may think that adding material moisture is almost OK, but in fact it is not so. Sometimes the proportion of material moisture and the poor allocation of viscosity have a serious impact on the quality of organic fertilizer. The following professional fertilizer machine manufacturers are going to explain to you about the requirements of cow dung organic fertilizer manufacturing process on material moisture.

1. In the production process of cow dung organic fertilizer, it is required that the material has a certain viscosity. When the raw material is loose after fermentation and is not easy to pelletize, some water or adhesive should be added to increase the viscosity of the material. Disc fertilizer granulator (or rotary drum granulator) uses pelletizing method. Water or adhesives are added in the process of pelletizing to ensure the smooth granulation of materials.
disc granulator organic fertilizer manufacturing process

2. The new organic fertilizer manufacturing process uses wet granulation. After fermentation, the material can be directly granulated by disc fertilizer granulator, without the need for other processes. Roller extrusion granulator is produced by non-drying normal temperature process. It is suitable for granulation of materials with low viscosity or water content.

3. If the water content of the material is too high, some dry materials can be added appropriately to neutralize the water content. Excessive low water content can add appropriate water to facilitate granulation.

Cow dung organic fertilizer manufacturing process is a set of fertilizer production line equipment developed with agriculture. It breaks the restrictions and obstacles of traditional technology. It does not need to stop the disposal, crushing and drying of raw materials before granulation. It can directly realize ingredient processing and direct granulation. Above is the requirement of material and moisture in the process of organic fertilizer production. Material moisture is very important, which determines the quality of organic fertilizer. The requirement of material in the process of organic fertilizer production is also very high.