How to ferment sugar dregs quickly to make organic fertilizer

Filter mud, chicken manure, pig manure, furfural residue and sugar residue left from sugar processing in sugar factory can be used as raw materials for organic fertilizer production. They are fermented under suitable conditions to form organic matter, which is then processed by the organic fertilizer production equipment to provide nutrients for crops.

Method of fermenting organic fertilizer with sugar residue

1. Raw materials and requirements:

Main materials: animal manure, sugar dregs, Chinese medicine dregs, fruit dregs, mushroom dregs, distiller's grains, furfural dregs and other bulk materials, biological bacterial fertilizer fermentation agent. The moisture content should be controlled at 50% - 65%. Due to the high acidity of fermentation material, quick lime should be used in advance to adjust the pH value to about 8.0.
Auxiliary materials: rice bran, sawdust, cake powder, straw powder, etc. the auxiliary materials are dried in powder form and rich in carbon.
Raw material ratio: main material: auxiliary material = 5:1-3:1
sugar dregs make organic fertilizer

2. Operation method:

Mix all as required. Stack the material strips into piles, with a height of about 1.2m, unlimited length and ambient temperature. When the temperature of the pile rises to 45 ℃, the pile shall be turned over once every three days. If the temperature of the pile exceeds 65 ℃, it shall be turned over once every two days.
Signs of maturity: the temperature of the material is reduced, the material is loose, there is no original odor of the material, there is a slight smell of ammonia, and the pile is covered with white mycelium.
Compost stacking: it can be directly used after stacking and fermentation, or it can be used as the main material. Fertilizer granulator will process it into commercial organic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, bio organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, etc.

Advantages of sugar residue organic fertilizer

High fertilizer efficiency and convenient application. Due to the fermentation period of only 7-15 days, the nutrients in the sugar residue are retained as much as possible; and due to the decomposition of microorganisms, some substances that are difficult to be absorbed and utilized by crops are rapidly transformed into effective nutrients. After fertilization, it can give full play to the fertilizer effect in a short time, quickly supplement the nutrients needed for crop growth, and maintain the fertilizer effect for a long time. The rotten filter mud is odorless, dry and loose, and easy to spread.

The organic fertilizer should not be mixed with strong acid, strong alkali, volatile chemicals and fungicides. Huaqiang factory provides a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment, and designs fertilizer production line for customers free of charge.