Precautions for installation of two in one NPK fertilizer granulator

Two in one NPK fertilizer granulator is widely used for the granulation of NPK fertilizer and organic fertilizer. Because of its high granulation rate, stable operation, strong and durable equipment, and long service life, it is the first choice of equipment by the majority of users. Its volume is larger than that of the disc granulator and its production capacity is stronger. During the installation, the following items should be paid attention to.
two in one NPK fertilizer granulator

1. Selection of installation location

The two-in-one granulator with rotating agitator teeth shall be installed on the horizontal concrete foundation. For the sake of safety, the granulation equipment shall be further strengthened with anchor bolts. During the installation, the main engine body shall be kept vertical to the horizontal plane. After the installation, further inspection shall be carried out, including whether the bolts of each part have been fixed. If there is looseness, reinforcement shall be carried out in time to ensure that all parts are installed.

2. Preparation before operation

When the power supply of NPK fertilizer granulator is configured, it should be selected according to the power of the equipment itself. After checking and confirming that there is no problem, carry out no-load test run. The test run is normal and can be put into production.

3. Equipment use and maintenance

When maintaining the two in one NPK fertilizer granulator, pay attention to the selection of lubricants, because good lubricants have a great impact on the life of the bearing, and the use of inferior lubricants is prohibited. Generally, the parts requiring sealing and oiling include rotating bearing, roller bearing, all gears, movable bearing and sliding plane. Regular and regular inspection shall be carried out. Once problems are found, maintenance shall be carried out in time. If there is abnormal sound during use, production shall be stopped immediately to avoid safety accidents.
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