How to improve the effect of compost

Although compost has the advantages of rich nutrient content and loose soil, it also has the disadvantages of low effective content and slow fertilizer effect. How to improve the compost efficiency? It has been proved that proper mixing of fertilizer in compost can not only effectively prevent the volatilization of fertilizer effect, but also make the fertilizer effect multiply. Compost is fermented with chemical fertilizer, and then processed into high quality fertilizer particles by organic fertilizer production equipment.
compost effect

1. Ferrous sulfate was added to manure compost. Adding 500-600g ferrous sulfate to every 100kg feces can transform the ammonium carbonate in human feces and urine into the stable ammonium sulfate, which can effectively inhibit the loss of nitrogen in feces.

2. Superphosphate was added to manure compost. 5 kg of superphosphate was added to 100 kg of human feces and urine, stirred evenly, and then spread for 3-5 days. The ammonium sulfate, which is easy to volatilize and lose in human feces and urine, can be transformed into stable ammonium phosphate to keep nitrogen and phosphorus.

3. Superphosphate was added to manure compost. Adding 2% superphosphate in the compost, fully mixing and storing for 20 days, the compost will become a high-quality organic fertilizer, and the fertilizer effect will be more than doubled.

4. Ammonium bicarbonate was added to manure compost. After the crushed plant straw and other raw materials are mixed with the soil (or the bottom of the pile of firewood), 1% ammonium bicarbonate is added to mix, pile up, seal the pile with mud, and then the compost becomes a high-quality and efficient bio potash fertilizer.

5. Calcium superphosphate is added to plant ash. Soak up 3 kg of ash and 15 kg of water, add 1 kg of superphosphate, mix it evenly, add 6 kg of water and 50 kg of water to mix it. After its static sedimentation, clear liquid is sprayed to obtain the same fertilizer efficiency as potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

The fermented and decayed material is completely different from the previous feces. It has no odor, and its moisture content is low. It can be directly applied to the soil. However, if the fertilizer effect needs to be further improved, the compost needs to be granulated by the fertilizer granulator machine.

The specific technology of organic fertilizer constitutes a granular nutrient source with inorganic matter as the main body and appropriate NPK Ratio. NPK fertilizer and other nutrients are added to the decomposed organic matter, and the raw materials are processed by disc fertilizer granulator. The final product is the commercial organic fertilizer which is convenient for storage, transportation and application.