How to improve the production efficiency of disc granulator

The disc granulator is one of the indispensable equipment for the production of spherical fertilizer particles, and plays a very important role in the production. How to make disc granulator play a more efficient role in NPK fertilizer production line? Let's discuss how to improve the efficiency of fertilizer production.

1. The first is the selection of disc granulator equipment. According to different production environment and production requirements, users can choose the material and shape of disc granulator. We also have stainless steel granulator equipment, which can meet the different needs of users. According to the different production requirements, the selected disc diameter is also different, 1000-3600mm, users can choose according to the parameters. If the output of NPK fertilizer production line is large, more than one NPK can be purchased to improve the production efficiency.

2. Secondly, the composition and moisture of raw materials determine the pelletizing rate of particles in the disc fertilizer granulator, so as to ensure the composition of materials that can roll into a ball. The moisture required for pelletizing cannot be reduced due to later drying, which will seriously affect the pelletizing rate.

3. Adjust the tilt and rotation speed of the disc fertilizer granulator. Generally speaking, the tilt angle of the rotary table of the disc granulator can be adjusted. However, the original manufacturer has adjusted a reasonable angle of the disc granulator. When the user adjusts himself, he should do it moderately and not over adjust to prevent equipment damage. In the same way, the rotating speed of the disc should also be kept within a reasonable range. If the materials are different, the rotating speed can be slightly adjusted.
disc fertilizer granulator
4. Finally, the granulator equipment needs to be repaired in time. Due to the inclined operation of the disc granulator, the torque transmitted by the spindle is very large, so it is necessary to timely repair, troubleshoot, and add lubricating oil to ensure the continuous operation and production of the equipment.

If there are other problems in the production process of fertilizer granulator machine, please contact us, and we will try our best to help users debug the equipment and solve the problems for you.