How much does it cost to process organic fertilizer equipment automatically?

Among the various ways of treating manure, processing it into organic fertilizer with automated organic fertilizer production equipment is a relatively high investment yield. Therefore, many traditional fertilizer manufacturers and new organic fertilizer plants have begun to engage in this aspect. So how much is such a set of organic fertilizer equipment? Here we will introduce you to the relevant information of organic fertilizer production equipment and the factors affecting the price.

Generally speaking, organic fertilizer equipment is mainly divided into two parts, harmless fermentation equipment and processing and packaging equipment. The solid organic fertilizer on the market includes two kinds of products: granule and powder. The equipment for producing these two kinds of finished products is also different. Granular fertilizer is the deep processing of powder fertilizer, the production process is more complex, and the processing equipment is more needed.
organic fertilizer production equipment
The fermentation process of organic fertilizer raw materials is the only way. Here, the windrow turner machine can be used to turn the material to realize the transformation from organic waste to harmless raw materials. The fermented material is pulverized, sieved, and bagged into the warehouse, which is the production process of the powder organic fertilizer. The production process of powdered organic fertilizer is simple, the equipment required is relatively small, and the investment is low.

The production process of granular fertilizer is complex, and the equipment used is relatively more. There are blender, organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, coating machine and so on. Because there are many kinds of fertilizer needed in the market, the actual production is not limited to ordinary organic fertilizer, but also organic-inorganic compound fertilizer and biological bacterial fertilizer. Organic materials and inorganic materials are two kinds of raw materials with completely different physical and chemical properties, so the production equipment needed in production will be slightly different due to different raw materials, which will have a certain impact on the price of automatic processing of organic fertilizer equipment.