How to Make Biofertilizer by Pig Manure Fermentation

It is an effective and advantageous method to process a large amount of waste pig manure into fertilizer by using pig manure biofertilizer production process. The following is the treatment of pig manure fermentation.
pig manure biofertilizer production
1. Adding bacteria to raw materials: It is better to prepare fresh pig manure (fresh manure fermentation effect is better than old manure), such as: fresh pig manure about 1 ton plus 0.25 kg pig manure starter. Pig manure starter should be mixed with rice bran (or corn flour, wheat bran) in a ratio of 1:5-10 for reserve.

2. Pig manure composting fermentation: Pig manure prepared will be placed in piles, while spraying bacteria while building piles, pile height and volume can not be too short or too small. Specific requirements: 1.5 meters high, 2 meters wide and unlimited length.

3. Moisture regulation. The water content of fermented pig manure should be controlled from 50% to 65%. Moisture judgment: Hold a handful of pig manure tightly, finger the seam watermark but not dripping, it is appropriate to scatter on the ground. Fermentation with less water is slow and aeration with more water is poor, which can also lead to the odor of anaerobic bacteria. Therefore, water content must be controlled well.

4. Start-up temperature. Start-up temperature should be better than 15℃ (can be operated in four seasons, not affected by season, fermentation in indoor or greenhouse as far as possible in winter), fermentation temperature should be controlled below 70-75℃.

5. Use the compost turning machine to mix the material for ventilation. Pig manure starter needs oxygen-consuming fermentation. Therefore, oxygen supplied measures should be strengthened in the process of operation so as to mix well, turn over frequently and ventilate properly. Otherwise, anaerobic fermentation will lead to odor, which will affect the fertilizer effect. Our material windrow compost turning machine can mix and turn the compost on the ground, and turn the lower material to the top.

6. Fermentation is completed. Generally, after 48 hours of pig manure accumulation, the temperature rises to 50-60℃. After two days, it can reach above 65℃. In this high temperature, it is necessary to turn over once. Generally, there will be two high temperatures above 65℃ in the fermentation process. Two times of turning over of the windrow turning machine can complete the fermentation, and the fermentation can be completed within a normal week. The material was dark brown and the temperature began to drop to normal temperature, indicating that the fermentation was completed.

Fermented pig manure can be granulated by fertilizer granulator machine in the pig manure biofertilizer production line, and it can become high-quality fertilizer granular product.