How to operate disc granulator to produce organic fertilizer

Disc granulator is a kind of fertilizer granulator machine which is widely used in industry to produce organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. How to operate the disc granulator to produce organic fertilizer and improve the overall efficiency of the organic fertilizer production line?

Factors affecting the production of disc fertilizer granulator
As the particles will gradually grow up when rolling down the disk, the more times the materials roll in the disk in unit time, the faster the particles grow up, that is, the working efficiency of the pelletizer is directly proportional to the speed of the granulator. Because the basic powder fertilizer rises with the rotation of the disk with a certain slope, and rolls down under the action of gravity. At the same time, it is thrown to the edge of the disk due to the action of centrifugal force. These powders collide and fuse with each other, and bond together through the surface tension of the liquid phase. On the one hand, the speed of the disc fertilizer granulator will affect the adhesion and pelletizing process of the particles. Too fast, the powder fertilizer is thrown out of the disk before it can be formed; too slow makes the time for the powder to form a ball too long, which makes the diameter of the particles overflowing out of the disk larger than the standard requirements; on the other hand, with the increase of the inclination of the disk, if the rotation speed of the disk is too slow, the materials will pile up in the lower part of the disk, which can not produce drop and repeated up and down rolling, which will also affect the ball forming rate.
disc fertilizer granulator
With the increase of the rotating speed of the pelletizing disc, the centrifugal force will increase, which will make the particles cling to the edge of the disk and prevent the particles from rolling down, and there will be funnel-shaped vortex on the disk. In order to maintain the effective utilization area of the disk surface, the tilt angle of the disk must be increased while the rotating speed is increased. As the angle of the disc increases, the final velocity of the particle rolling will increase accordingly, so the angle of the disc should be kept at a limit value to prevent the material rolling and granulation from being damaged. The rotating speed of the disc is also a main factor affecting the production of organic fertilizer.

In production, we should adjust the disc granulator according to the actual situation, give full play to the role of the granulator, and improve the overall capacity of the organic fertilizer production equipment.