Recovery of pig manure from farm by organic fertilizer production equipment

The waste produced by pig breeding is mainly excreta, and the amount of feces and urine discharged from the pig farm of 10000 pigs per year is thousands of tons. It is urgent to solve the problem that the comprehensive recycling of aquaculture waste and the realization of the ecological breeding mode of the combination of planting and breeding. The recycling of pig manure can be realized by using organic fertilizer production equipment.

Pig manure is made into organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer can improve soil structure, enhance fertilizer efficiency, stimulate growth and promote soil chemical activity and biological activity. It not only improves soil fertility, but also enhances soil water and water supply capacity and stimulates crop root development. The long, enhanced soil drought resistance. The specific operation process of organic fertilizer production equipment is as follows: fermentation, turning over, crushing, granulation, screening, drying and packaging. For some farms with insufficient cost and capital, using livestock manure and crop straw to process organic fertilizer not only solves the pollution problem of farms, but also sells fertilizer at a good price to supplement the income of farms, which is a good investment project.
organic fertilizer production equipment

Generally speaking, a complete set of organic fertilizer production equipment includes the feed system, crushing system, granulation system, drying system and screening system of the turner (tank type composting machine or windrow turner). The organic fertilizer granulator is an important part of the whole production. In normal work, in order to prevent the unstable granulation and low output of the new organic fertilizer granulator and ensure the stability and good performance of the whole working state, it is necessary to ensure that there are no problems in each component and system and the stability and stability of the whole equipment. Including the inspection of the indicator light before use, the operation of each component, the abnormal sound detection of mechanical equipment, etc., shall be confirmed in advance. However, it is worth mentioning that the new organic fertilizer granulator we produce can achieve long-term quality maintenance, maintenance is also very simple, saving time and effort.