How to produce high efficient fertilizer by organic fertilizer production equipment?

Organic fertilizer production equipment can deal with environmental pollution, and use renewable resources to turn waste into wealth. The technology of organic fertilizer production line has been gradually popularized, using decomposition clinker and chemical fertilizer, mainly decomposition clinker, supplemented by chemical fertilizer, and then gradually reducing the amount of chemical fertilizer, adding decomposition clinker to improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer.

How to produce high quality and efficient organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer production equipment?
1. If there are not enough effective bacteria in the organic fertilizer production line, we can't talk about biological bacterial fertilizer. Our molding and drying system ensures the number of live bacteria. Therefore, the materials used to produce organic fertilizer must be completely fermented and decomposed.

2. In the process of organic fertilizer production, the key factor is to master the water content. Too dry makes it difficult for organic fertilizer to play a role in actual production and prolong the action time. Too wet is not conducive to preservation and use. At the same time, the moisture index and drying degree affect the survival period of bacteria. Our molding and drying system ensures the appropriate moisture index.

3. Raw material formula. Good formula can ensure the number of effective bacteria and provide more nutrition for crop growth. Different materials are mixed into solid particles by NPK fertilizer granulator to ensure comprehensive fertilizer efficiency. Of course, our molding and drying system is to ensure that the formula of these raw materials will not be destroyed or changed due to production and processing.

It has become an urgent demand and the only way to develop modern agriculture to adopt modern high-tech technology, treat organic wastes such as crop straw, human and animal manure with microorganisms, process them with drum granulator and produce commercial organic fertilizer.