How does drum granulator realize fertilizer granulation?


Principle of granulation

Steam, gas ammonia or phosphoric acid or nitrogen solution, phosphoric acid ammonia slurry and heavy calcium slurry are introduced into the rotary drum granulator to complete the granulation process of chemical reaction and heat supply. In the cold granulation process of NPK compound fertilizer with a small amount of water, the material to be granulated is rotated through the rotary movement of the cylinder, and the rolling rotation occurs when there is no material in the cylinder. Under a certain humidity and temperature, the material is agglomerated into balls, and the pelletizing process is completed.
NPK fertilizer production drum granulator

Structure design of drum granulator

NPK fertilizer production line realizes granulation processing. Whether the material can react well in the drum, the inner surface structure of the drum plays an important role. The inside of the steel drum is generally heat-expandable metal for shirts. The function of various internal scrapers is to maintain a certain thickness of the material on the inner surface of the drum, make the material layer uniform, and facilitate the normal rolling and turning of the material in the drum. Rubber baffles and linings as well as external shock absorbers are used to prevent sticking during the fertilizer granulation process.