How to understand related production technology when building an organic fertilizer plant

What if some investors who are planning to build organic fertilizer plants have funds but no relevant technology? This problem is not difficult to solve. There are several ways to obtain organic fertilizer production technology, and how to understand fertilizer production projects.

1. Go to the fertilizer plant to learn about the overall success of organic fertilizer production. You may not be able to obtain the specific production formula, but at least do a preliminary understanding, imagine the basic steps of plant construction, and formulate a preliminary plan and ideas. The finished organic fertilizer does not need to be made into granules and fertilizer granulator is needed.
production technology of building an organic fertilizer plant

2. Gain some experience from organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers. Generally, experienced organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers often have business contacts with organic fertilizer processing plants, including equipment purchased at the initial stage and maintenance equipment at the later stage. The technical personnel of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers are familiar with the process of organic fertilizer production. Otherwise, how to maintain the equipment. When buying organic fertilizer making machine, consult more.

3. Obtain the production technology from the manufacturers of organic fertilizer fermentation inoculants. This is a relatively straightforward method, because the organic fertilizer starters they sell are mainly used for the fermentation of organic fertilizers. They can not only provide suitable fermentation inoculants for you. , Will also guide the corresponding fermentation technology, if there is no technology, the product may not be sold at all.

In short, before building an organic fertilizer plant, experience the overall organic fertilizer production process firsthand, learn how to use equipment to produce organic fertilizer through communication with organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers, and learn about organic fertilizer fermentation through communication with organic fertilizer manufacturers Work points and related technologies.