How much investment is needed to build an organic fertilizer plant

The organic fertilizer manufacturing process treats manure and turns waste into treasure, and the construction of an organic fertilizer plant is a good project. However, many people don't know much about this industry, especially the choice of organic fertilizer equipment. Many customers go to the organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers to compare and choose the right equipment, but in the end they are still hesitant. Here we introduce the configuration of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.

1. Investment in organic fertilizer equipment:

The capital investment of organic fertilizer equipment is determined according to the output and the degree of automation. When considering the investment, we should consider the cost, the cost of 5000-10000 tons of production line, the cost of producing one ton of organic fertilizer, and the market price of one ton of organic fertilizer. In this way, we can calculate the annual profit of the 10000 ton organic fertilizer production line.

2. Manufacturing process of organic and inorganic fertilizers:
Fermentation equipment - semi wet material grinder - mixer - drum granulator - dryer - cooler - coating machine - screening machine - automatic packaging machine.
build an organic fertilizer plant

3. Selection of organic fertilizer production line configuration:

According to the processing of specific raw materials, select equipment and granulator, commonly used granulator, double roller granulator, disc granulator, organic fertilizer granulator. In the selection of organic fertilizer production line configuration, do not blindly look at all manufacturers, select a few cost-effective manufacturers for consultation and selection.

4. The cost input of organic fertilizer production is as follows
In the process of organic fertilizer production, raw material cost, transportation cost, labor cost, packaging cost, etc. It needs to be considered. Whether you are a small pig farm with 500 pigs or a large chicken farm with 100000 chickens, investors who want to buy organic fertilizer production equipment can choose Huaqiang fertilizer machine factory.