How to choose high quality organic fertilizer

Nowadays, there are many kinds of organic fertilizers on the market. How to choose organic fertilizers scientifically and reasonably? If you want to buy high-quality organic fertilizer, you should combine the following principles.

1. Organic fertilizer must be fully decomposed before it can be applied. Just like the products of regular and qualified companies, all the products adopt the most advanced organic fertilizer decomposition technology. Through the long-term fermentation of fermenting bacteria, the bacteria can be completely killed and fully decomposed

2. Comply with the standards for the production of organic fertilizers. When purchasing organic fertilizers, you should see the national standards clearly. The organic content is ≥45%, the total content of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ≥5%, the beneficial bacteria ≥20 million/g, and the humic acid ≥8%. Fertilizer products made into pellets by NPK fertilizer granulator have more comprehensive nutrients.

3. Smell the smell, the organic fertilizer has been deodorized during the production process, and there should be no foul smell.
How to choose high quality organic fertilizer

High-quality organic fertilizer should contain a variety of beneficial microorganisms, which can continuously release the nutrient elements and plant growth hormones required for plant growth, and have high organic matter content, which can increase the soil unity and grain structure, and improve the soil's fertility, water and heat preservation ability. After the fertilizer is granulated by the disc granulator, the fertilizer effect is long-lasting, the nutrient is released uniformly, and the effective period is long. It can improve the micro-ecological environment of crop roots and stimulate root growth.