Reliable organic fertilizer equipment alleviates the harm of pesticide and chemical fertilizer

Many people don't know the invisible harm caused by pesticides and fertilizers. Every year, the fertilizers and pesticides we use cause a large number of harmful drugs left on crops. Eating them into people's bodies and then remaining in the body will lead to the emergence of various cancers.
Now, the organic fertilizer vigorously advocated is to solve the residue of chemical fertilizer on crops from the source. Organic fertilizer does not contain chemical components in it, so the organic fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer production equipment is pollution-free fertilizer.

Reliable organic fertilizer production equipment

After the fermented organic fertilizer is applied to the soil, the organic matter can effectively improve the physical and chemical conditions and biological characteristics of the soil, mature the soil, enhance the soil's fertilizer retention and fertilization capacity and buffer capacity, and create good soil conditions for crop growth. In the production of fruit trees, there is an urgent need to improve cultivation conditions and use biological organic fertilizers. The special fertilizer granules made by the NPK fertilizer granulator meet the characteristics of plant fertilizer requirements.
organic fertilizer

Harm of pesticide and chemical fertilizer

Pesticides not only bring benefits to human beings, but also cause harm to human and animal health, kill other beneficial organisms, pollute soil and water, destroy the ecological food chain, and disturb the ecological balance. This kind of influence, known as dominant or exposed harm, can arouse people's attention. Another kind of pesticide is called recessive harm or potential harm, which can not be shown in a short time, but can be gradually detected and reflected after a long time. In general, pesticide residues in plants are aimed at plants growing in soil. With the process of plant growth and maturity, pesticides directly enter the roots, stems and leaves of plants, and pesticide residues can be found in agricultural products. If scientific spraying is ignored, pesticide residues in agricultural products will exceed the standard seriously, leading to very serious food safety problems.

In addition, organic fertilizer equipment can significantly improve the production income of fruits and vegetables. Adding nutrients required by various plants, and then making granules by disc granulator (or other pelletizers), the fertilizer efficiency can be prolonged.