How to deal with chicken manure in chicken farm

Chicken farms produce a large amount of chicken manure every day. If it is not handled in time, it not only pollutes the environment, but also wastes resources. Reasonable use of chicken manure and turning waste into treasure will bring huge benefits.

Here are three ways of using chicken manure
Chicken manure ferments into organic fertilizer
Chicken manure is a high-quality organic fertilizer, but it should be fermented and ripened before use. Treated chicken manure organic fertilizer, good fertilizer effect and long duration, can improve crop yield, increase the content of organic matter in soil, reduce the use of chemical fertilizer caused by soil consolidation, is conducive to the sustainable development of agriculture.
Composting fermentation is an important step in the production of organic fertilizer. Mix chicken manure with plant straw, add appropriate amount of water, stack into strip stack, or put into fermentation tank. Microorganisms in composting consume oxygen, decompose organic matter, generate a lot of heat, and continuously improve composting temperature. Generally, after 48 hours, the temperature will rise to 50-60 C. On the third day, it can reach above 65 C. Under this high temperature, it will turn over once. Generally, there will be 2-3 times of high temperature above 65 C in the fermentation process, and the fermentation can be completed by turning over 2-3 times. After composting is matured, the volume of compost decreases to slightly higher than the temperature. At this time, compost should be compacted, resulting in anaerobic state, which weakens the mineralization of organic matter, so as to help preserve fertility.
Because composting uses aerobic fermentation, it need to use the turner machine in the process of material fermentation to turn, increase oxygen in the material. After the fermentation of fertilizers, through the processing of organic fertilizer production line, can be refined high quality organic fertilizer.
How to deal with chicken manure in chicken farmHow to deal with chicken manure in chicken farm
Make animal feed
Chicken manure is a valuable feed resource, which contains 13-30% crude protein, almost all essential amino acids, as well as a large number of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and other major and trace mineral elements. When chicken manure is used as feed, it must be treated. Collect fresh chicken manure, pick up impurities, mix 20% - 30% rice bran or wheat bran evenly after mashing, add water and mix wet, make the moisture content of the total material controlled at about 65%. Then it can be packed in plastic bags or completely sealed pools and other containers, sealed fermentation can be completed in 2 to 3 days, winter time is slightly longer. When the chicken manure is yellow-green, odorless and slightly liquor-flavored, it shows that the fermentation is basically completed and can be fed. Pay attention to fed from less to more, so that livestock slowly adapt.

Biogas fermentation
Chicken manure is one of the raw materials for biogas fermentation, especially wet chicken manure with water, which can be used to produce biogas. A small and medium-sized fermentation pond was established. The chicken manure water and crop straw were put into the fermentation pond together. Under the action of biogas fermentation bacteria, organic matter was decomposed to produce methane. Methane is the main component of biogas and can be used as fuel to cook, illuminate and generate electricity for residents. Biogas can be produced by fermentation for 10-20 days.