How to fermentate organic fertilizer at low temperature in winter

When winter comes, the temperature decreases, making organic fertilizer will become more and more difficult. Environmental temperature will affect the start of fermentation. Low temperature is not conducive to the fermentation and maturation of fertilizer. If the ambient temperature is only below zero, then even very loose materials can not ferment, so the ambient temperature is at least above 5 degrees Celsius.
In the season of decreasing temperature, we can take the following measures to ensure the normal fermentation of organic fertilizer.

Add hot manure to ferment organic fertilizer
In cold winter, the dung heap should not be too small to minimize the water content, so that it will not be frozen and difficult to ferment. Fermentation organic fertilizer should be properly added to livestock manure and other thermal fertilizers, so as to ferment faster and improve the quality of fertilizer. Sometimes, in low temperature weather, if the relatively loose material is difficult to start fermentation, hot manure can be added to a part (material humidity is 50% to 60%). First, local fermentation can start the fermentation of the whole material.
How to fermentate organic fertilizer at low temperature in winterHow to fermentate organic fertilizer at low temperature in winter
Organic fertilizer was fermented in the greenhouse
The compost fermentation organic fertilizer in greenhouse can ensure fermentation temperature, shelter from wind and rain, and shorten fermentation time.

Cover straw curtain and other insulation measures
It can cover the fermentation heap with some firewood straw or material similar to the straw curtain for heat preservation, and do not cover the plastic film, because the plastic film is impermeable, it will cause anaerobic environment, affect the fermentation of bacteria, leading to fermentation failure.

Increase the number of bacteria in fermentation compost
Adding appropriate microbial agents can increase the number of fermentation strains to a certain extent, which can quickly raise temperature, deodorize, enrich nutrients, and also improve the fermentation speed.

Add energy substances such as brown sugar and water to the compost
If the temperature is low, the fermentation temperature of organic compost compost can not start up. It can add brown sugar or brown sugar water. One ton of material can use 1 kilogram of brown sugar, and warm water can be used as brown sugar water to add to the organic compost to promote the start of fermentation. The water should not be too large.

Turn over the material and add air permeability through the jack in the fertilizer fermentation heap
Continuously turn material 3-4 times with the fertilizer turning machine and pay attention to ventilation. Punch holes in the fermentation reactor to ensure that the internal fermentation bacteria can carry out aerobic breathing fermentation to ensure adequate oxygen.

After fermentation, the fertilizer is processed by the organic fertilizer production line(
Mainly including organic fertilizer granulator, crusher,mixer, screener machine, dryer, cooler, etc.), and the refined organic fertilizer on the market is obtained.