How to Quickly Fermentate Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer has many advantages, such as wide source of fertilizer, high fertilizer efficiency, rich nutrition and low cost. The demand for organic fertilizer is increasing. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the production of organic fertilizer.
Fertilizer fermentation is an important part of organic fertilizer production. How to quickly ferment organic fertilizer, shorten production time and improve efficiency? Here are some simple ways to speed up fermentation.
Fermentation with human and animal excrement.
All kinds of straw were collected, crushed (crushed by straw crusher to speed up the fermentation process) and accumulated with water to make it ferment naturally for about 20 days. Then, according to the ratio of 200-400 kg of mature human and livestock manure per 1000 kg of straw, the mixture was evenly mixed and then fermented by composting. Adding fecal retting compost can not only increase the activity of microorganisms and the content of organic matter in compost, but also absorb the nutrients easily lost in human and animal feces and urine into the organic matter of straw to produce high-quality compost.

Fermentation by adding calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer.
First, 3%-5% calcium superphosphate was mixed with various soil miscellaneous fertilizers and manure for 10-15 days, and then mixed with straw in a ratio of 1:2. Adding calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer to compost can effectively promote microbial activity and transformation of insoluble phosphorus, greatly reduce the loss of nitrogen in fertilizer, and significantly improve the quality of organic fertilizer.

Fermentation by adding ripe lime.
Firstly, the dry straw is mixed with 30 kg of lime per 1000 kg, then 50 kg of lime water is sprayed per 1000 kg of straw to remove the wax on the surface of straw, so as to soften the straw and make it absorb water and ferment as soon as possible. Adding lime water to compost can accelerate the maturation of fertilizer and shorten the time of composting.
How to Quickly Fermentate Organic FertilizerHow to Quickly Fermentate Organic Fertilizer
In short, in order to rapidly ferment organic fertilizer, no matter what method is used, raw materials must be broken, mixed, piled up, sealed with sludge, covered with plastic film or shade under convenient conditions, to prevent nutrients from being washed out and leached by rain, to accelerate composting fermentation and shorten maturation time. At the same time, fertilizer turning machine is used to increase the contact between material and oxygen, so as to better carry out aerobic fermentation. 
Artificial rapid fermentation of organic fertilizer can not only prevent the introduction of pathogens and parasite eggs, causing soil pollution in facilities, but also provide high-quality organic fertilizer for facilities vegetables, continuously improve soil fertility, and promote the improvement of vegetable yield and quality.