How to improve the fertilizer granule quality and pelletizing rate of drum granulator

The production of compound fertilizer granules by drum granulator is a hot granulation process. Granulator is an important equipment in fertilizer production line. The quality of granulation determines the production quality of fertilizer granulation production line. The following three aspects can be considered to improve the performance of rotary drum fertilizer granulation production.

1. Time and frequency of fertilizer rolling in drum granulator
Fertilizer powder in the drum granulator to small particles as the core, in the rolling bonding ball. The higher the frequency of rolling in a certain period of time, the higher the spheroidizing rate and the smoother the particles become. 
The inner surface of the granulator is too smooth, the friction between the material and the cylinder wall decreases, the material does not roll, and the granulation efficiency is low. The fertilizer drum granulator manufactured by our company can adjust the speed, and the internal board is installed to avoid this situation.

2. Reasonable mixing of raw materials to improve the pelletizing rate.
The finer the raw powder is, the better the stickiness is and the smoother the granulated particles are. However, the use of too many fine powders causes problems such as excessive viscous particles and wall sticking of materials. In the granulator, the material sticks to the wall seriously, the friction between the material and the barrel wall is enhanced, and the material is lifted too high, which causes the material to drop down from the top, resulting in large and incomplete particles. In the process of fertilizer production, the proportion of viscous raw materials is high, it is easy to pellet, the proportion of dispersive raw materials is high, and there are many fine powders. Therefore, in the production of drum granulator, the cohesive materials and dispersive materials should be matched reasonably.
drum granulator

3. Consideration of chemical reactions between different raw materials
In the production of compound fertilizer by drum granulator, the chemical reaction between materials should be considered. Some raw materials will produce a lot of water in the production after matching, some raw materials will occur hygroscopicity reaction and can not be normal production. Therefore, the chemical reaction between fertilizers must be considered in the production of drum granulator, so as to achieve the reasonable match between materials.