How to increase the usage time of organic fertilizer machinery?

In life, not only food, but also machinery have their service life, and they should be replaced in time if they exceed their service life. So for example, organic fertilizer production equipment. So how can fertilizer manufacturers maintain it and extend its use time properly?

The first thing we need to pay attention to is that in the operation process, personnel should strictly follow the process, not blindly, so as to avoid wasting resources and affecting the effect. Moreover, such behavior can greatly reduce the damage to the equipment and help to extend a certain period of time.

In the process of equipment operation, some parts play a very important role and need to be checked frequently. For example, the bearing of the disc granulator carries most of the load of the equipment, so good lubrication is a prerequisite. This requires that the lubricating oil injected into the equipment should be not only clean, but also well sealed.
organic fertilizer production equipment
In addition, the parts that are easy to be worn in the equipment shall be adjusted or replaced reasonably according to the wear degree in time. For example, the agitator teeth of NPK fertilizer granulator have powerful granulation function due to these parts. So when using NPK fertilizer granulator machine and other large equipment, we should pay special attention to the maintenance of these small parts. In addition, when the machine is idle for a long time, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place to prevent moisture and corrosion, so as to ensure the service life of the equipment is not reduced.

Nowadays, the modern social market innovation cycle is very short, so there are more and more requirements for all aspects of organic fertilizer machinery, especially for its technology and quality. No matter in what era, for organic fertilizer manufacturers, there will be no progress without technological innovation, and there will be no opportunity for market development. In the new era of development, manufacturers should pay more attention to the integration of high-tech and high-quality organic fertilizer production equipment in the United States, and maintain the production and use of organic fertilizer equipment.