Different technology and collocation of organic fertilizer production equipment

Different sources and categories of organic fertilizer materials affect the utilization rate of the equipment. If it is purchased properly, it will be a waste of resources. In addition, the quality of organic fertilizer equipment varies, and the cost performance varies greatly. It is not only the knowledge of project investment, but also the process planning of production line to invest how much is the organic fertilizer equipment needed for the organic fertilizer production line project.

The technical improvement of organic fertilizer production equipment makes the farmers and fertilizer enterprises profitable. Reasonable use of the manure can turn waste into treasure, which can not only remove environmental waste, but also produce economic benefits. It is not difficult to see that the equipment price and utilization rate have individual preference and demand for organic fertilizer equipment purchase. So here we will introduce some of the whole organic fertilizer production process and equipment matching.
process technology of organic fertilizer production equipment

1.Fermentation material mixing. The organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer processing equipment has all the functions of nutrients, which is also due to the wide range of materials used in the organic fertilizer processing, and most of them are mixed during fermentation. The mixture of human and animal manure and crop straw, the mixture of domestic waste and feeding manure, and the mixture of crop straw and domestic waste are common. However, the organic fertilizer produced without using the organic fertilizer equipment to process the mixed single material will have a general effect, and the characteristics of nutrients will be weakened.

2.Then there is fermentation. Using organic fertilizer equipment to process organic fertilizer, fermentation is the guarantee of the quality of the fertilizer source produced by the whole organic fertilizer production line. Since the transformation of material characteristics (i.e. chemical change) after fermentation has been basically finalized, the later stage of crushing, screening, granulation, drying and other changes in the physical properties of the material. NPK fertilizer and organic matter are mixed into NPK fertilizer granulator for processing, which only increases the nutrient content of the product. These changes will not directly affect the application of organic fertilizer, so the fermentation period is also the most important.

3.Through screening and mixing, a complete set of organic fertilizer production equipment such as crusher and fertilizer granulator is used to process the materials. At this time, organic fertilizer usually has all nutrients, rich in organic matter, good application effect and yield increasing effect.