How to make garden branches and leaves into organic fertilizer

Some crops, some fruits and vegetables need to apply specific fertilizer to meet their needs and growth conditions. The organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer production equipment has a very good effect and is excellent. In addition to commercial organic fertilizer, some simple methods can also be used to make organic fertilizer. For example, use garden branches and leaves to make organic fertilizer.

Notes on composting of garden organic waste

1. It is not troublesome to make garden branches and leaves into organic fertilizer. The key is to pay attention to several problems during composting and fermentation. Because there are a lot of branches in the organic waste of garden, they should be picked out or crushed first. Because of its large volume, the leaves are easy to lose temperature and moisture, so they should be crushed before treatment.

2.The main components of garden organic wastes are similar to crop straws. They are mainly cellulose and lignin. When processing, appropriate amounts of urea should be added to adjust the C / N ratio. The other materials and treatment methods are basically the same as those of crop straw .

3. In the fermentation process of garden organic waste, cellulose decomposing bacteria grow vigorously in the later stage, and the maximum temperature can be raised to about 60 ℃. If possible, composting can be stirred by a windrow turner. Generally, the color of the material turns black brown in about 15 days. The material is obviously carbonized. It can be easily pulled by hand and then it will break, and give off an aromatic smell. The nutrient content of the treated garden organic waste is low, which can be used as soil conditioner. As the raw material of bio organic fertilizer, a small amount of available nutrients must be added to meet the growth needs of garden crops. Industrial organic fertilizer processing is to use organic fertilizer granulator to mix compost with other inorganic fertilizers to make specific fertilizer.
windrow turner

This is the process of making and fermenting garden organic fertilizer, which is convenient and fast. Besides using organic fertilizer production line to produce fertilizer, it is a simple method.