Feasibility of bio organic fertilizer product project

Bio inorganic fertilizer is a kind of humic acid compound fertilizer rich in active substances and trace elements. The product comprehensively uses the effects of chemical fertilizer industry, biotechnology, precision chemical industry and agricultural technology. The organic fertilizer granulator combines NPK nutrient elements with some trace elements, animal growth regulators, enzyme preparations and other inorganic substances.
bio organic fertilizer

Basis of organic fertilizer production project

Bio inorganic fertilizer has been proved by experiments that it not only has the advantages of high application rate and long period of fertilizer effect, but also has the functions of improving the quality of soil and crops and strengthening the resistance of crops. Bio organic fertilizer production equipment saves time and labor, and has good social and economic benefits.

As a high-tech commodity in agriculture, high-efficiency refined biological fertilizer has obvious effect on agricultural production. Especially in cash crops, organic fertilizer is more effective. The high-efficiency refined inorganic fertilizer also had a significant impact. Fertilizer effect experiments were carried out in the United States, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and other places.

At present, the use of chemical fertilizer is huge, and farmers have been using chemical fertilizer to grow crops for many years. However, the continuous use of chemical fertilizer will bring a lot of harm to human beings, and countries are looking for countermeasures. Humic acid highly refined inorganic fertilizer was born, and multi-functional and high-efficiency organic fertilizer products were continuously applied. How to expand the output, how to promote it to all parts of the world as soon as possible, and how to benefit mankind are important achievements in front of us. As our company is a private enterprise, we are looking for fertilizer production partners from all aspects to jointly apply this high-tech, and truly serve human beings. We are looking forward to any one in the disc fertilizer granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, compost turner machine, crusher and other agricultural production equipment on the demand of users.