How to Make NPK Fertilizer Production Equipment Effective

Without changing the machine of compound fertilizer equipment, some small production techniques can improve NPK fertilizer production effective. Fertilizer machine manufacturers teach you a few tips:

1. Uniform production. In compound fertilizer production, not only the feed rate is uniform, but also the feed component is uniform. Although it can not be reached in practice, it should be as close as possible. In this way, the output of NPK fertilizer production equipment can be maximized.

2. Reduce the number of start-ups of the whole production line. Machinery and equipment need to idle for a period of time each time starting up, at this time will not produce any output value.

3. Daily maintenance can reduce the failure of compound fertilizer equipment, save maintenance time, improve the utilization rate of equipment and directly increase output value.

These three points can not only increase the output of compound fertilizer equipment, but also maximize the service life of the equipment.
NPK Fertilizer Production Equipment

Pay attention to the following aspects when running NPK fertilizer production equipment
1. The adjustment range of nitrogen content is wide, and the nitrogen content can reach more than 30%. It can produce ternary compound fertilizer, unit fertilizer (such as granular nitrogen fertilizer) and binary compound fertilizer.

2. NPK compound fertilizer products do not agglomerate. After drying, the moisture content of the product should be small, the packaging temperature of the product should be less than 40℃, the particle strength of the product should be more than 25N, the appearance of the product is smooth and round, the particle is even, and the product can reach half a year without caking after simple anti-caking coating treatment.

3. NPK fertilizer production equipment system has great flexibility and adaptability to raw materials.

4.The product variety is convenient to switch. The NPK fertilizer production line is suitable for the production of multi-type compound fertilizer products. It can produce both urea-based and chlorine-based, as well as sulfur-based and nitro-type.

5. The rotary drum granulator does not clog and block, and can achieve long-term continuous and stable operation.

6. The NPK compound fertilizer production process can expand the variety of raw materials, wet ammonium chloride, wet potassium chloride, calcium, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, calcium hydrogen phosphate and other low-cost raw materials can be used in large quantities.

7.The process flow is simple, the maintenance operation and production management are convenient, the production environment is good, and the standard discharge and clean civilized production can be realized.

8. NPK fertilizer production process investment and operation are the more economical. Compared with the same type, equipment investment is reduced and production energy consumption is reduced.