Manure making machine has great market potential

Organic fertilizer is a kind of special product containing living microorganisms. It can obtain specific fertilizer effects when applied in agricultural production. Using livestock manure to produce organic fertilizer not only solves the problems of pollution and safety of farming, but also greatly improves the environment of farming, reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and increases the content of organic matter in soil, which is of great significance for increasing agricultural production and efficiency and developing green agriculture. In the treatment of livestock and poultry manure, it is suitable for industrial treatment by manure making machine.

Raw materials for manure making machine come from a wide range of sources. According to fecal excretion, the feces of 1 pigs and 1 chickens were equal to the feces excretion of 2 and 0.1 people. With the excretion of cattle, sheep, geese, ducks and so on, these raw materials are produced enormously every day and need to be treated. Therefore, the amount of raw materials used in the manure making machine is huge and the price is low.
Manure making machine
Industrial aerobic fermentation is a relatively thorough way to treat livestock and poultry manure, which does not produce obvious secondary pollution. Animal manure fermented by aerobic fermentation is a stable source of fertilizer rich in organic matter. Organic fertilizer products treated by fertilizer making machine are stable in nature and can be stored and transported.