Organic fertilizer granulating production line

Organic fertilizers can provide nutrition for crops, promote soil microbial reproduction, improve soil structure, and enhance soil fertilizer supply and buffer capacity, which plays an important role in increasing yield. Organic fertilizer production line construction cycle is short, the return on investment is high, the market risk is small, generally one year can recover the investment and generate profits.
Organic fertilizer granulating production line
Chain crusher 
This machine crush the block materials and mixing. In order to prevent the friction between the adhesive and the body steel plate, the body is lined with rubber plate, and the two sides of the body are provided with quick open access door. The body and transmission device are installed on a base made of profile steel, and the lower part of the base is installed with shock absorber and connected to the base.

Horizontal mixer
The machine can mix materials in batches sufficiently. Mixer machine inside is with oil added channels, the overall structure is more reasonable, beautiful appearance, operation and maintenance.

New type organic fertilizer granulator 
The qualified granulation rate of new type organic fertilizer granulator is as high as 80-90%. It is suitable for various formulations. The compressive strength of organic fertilizer particles is higher than that of discs and drums. The uniformity of particle size can be adjusted according to user's requirements. The machine is most suitable for direct granulation of organic fertilizer after fermentation, saving the drying process and greatly reducing the manufacturing cost. It is an important equipment of organic fertilizer production line.

Video of organic fertilizer granulating production line
Rotary dryer machine (Equipped with rotary cooler draught fan)
Rotary drum dryer is mainly used to produce fertilizer with a certain temperature and granularity. The Angle and distribution of Jan plate of this machine is designed reasonable, and it is reliable in performance.

Rotary cooler machine (Equipped with rotary dryer draught fan)
Cooling the granule to the normal temperature and ready to packing.

Dust collector room
A dust-removing device for purifying gases removes dust from fertilizer production. Local construction of dust removal room saves the cost of purchasing machines and prolongs the service life. We also have dust collector machine to meet your needs.

This machine screens the unqualified large and small particulate materials, conveys them through belt hoist, re-crushes them and sends them to the granulator to continue granulating, which is helpful to improve the continuous operation ability of the production line.

Feature of packing machine: 
1.Compact structure, small body, can make fixed or movable body machine according to user requirements.
2.Sealing cyclical system, prevented from flying, improved working environment protected the health of staff.

Organic fertilizer production line has compact structure, low energy consumption, small floor area and no odor in operation environment. Fermentation before granulation of raw materials fully decomposes the organic matter, releases nutrients, removes poisons and odors, purifies the environment, achieves harmlessness, resource utilization and industrialization, and stabilizes the quality of fertilizers. Our company has many years of rich experience in the technology of organic fertilizer production line, constantly innovating equipment, and providing customers with comprehensive services, according to the customer site to provide the process design of organic fertilizer production line.