Characteristics of organic fertilizer manufacturing in manure compost turning machine

The manure compost turning machine mainly biodegrades the organic matter in waste and ferments the manure of livestock and poultry farms. In order to achieve resource-based and harmless use of integrated treatment equipment. In the manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process, users only need to pile chicken manure, pig manure and other animal manure together, add bacteria in the material after a period of aerobic fermentation, and then through the compost turner treatment, it can be turned into high quality organic fertilizer.
manure compost turning machine

Several characteristics of manure compost turning machine
1. The turner machine is equipped with an automatic spraying device for liquid bacteria, which is convenient to use the fermentation process of liquid bacteria. At the same time, mixed liquid bacteria are sprayed uniformly on the fertilizer base material to complete the spraying, aeration and turning at one time.

2. The manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process has advanced fermentation technology, adopting microbial oxygen-consuming fermentation, and the automatic compost turning machine is designed according to the principle of oxygen-consuming fermentation, so that the fermentation bacteria have a space to fully exert its functions.

3. The machine adopts the groove structure, which is a series of fermentation equipment products used in multi-tank according to the structure design of the factory building. It has the characteristics of simple operation, short fermentation period, low pollution, full fermentation, convenient expansion and so on.

4. The overall structure of the compost turner is very reasonable and balanced, the machine performance is safe and reliable, the machine structure is simple, easy to operate, the equipment is strong and rigid, the applicability of the site is strong, maintenance is convenient. Except for the strong frame, the other parts of the compost turner are standard parts, which are easy to replace.