Application method for producing organic fertilizer by extruded fertilizer granulation machine

Flat-die granulator is a kind of processing machinery in feed and fertilizer factories. It is a kind of extruded fertilizer granulation machine, which is often used in fertilizer granulating. The organic fertilizer production line of the flat-die granulator has the characteristics of simple process, low equipment price and low power consumption, and it is easy to use and maintain. Flat-die granulator can be used for granulation of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, feed and other materials. It has wide adaptability to materials and many functions.

Application method of extruded fertilizer granulation machine-flat die granulator
1. Before use, check whether the parts of the flat die granulator are tightened, whether the rotating part is flexible, whether there is lubricant in the bearings, and whether the fertilizer granulation machine should be placed on a stable and firm ground. To check the power supply and voltage, the switch must be in the open position.

2. Check whether the clearance between the roller and the plate of the flat die granulator is kept at about 0.50mm to prevent direct contact, so as to avoid abnormal wear and tear. Choose a good die aperture: when pressing small organic fertilizer, choose a small die; when pressing large organic fertilizer, choose a large die. During the operation of the organic fertilizer production line, attention should be paid to cleaning the site, and metal should be strictly prevented from mixing into powder and machine.
flat die granulatorgranulation of flat die granulator

3. Start the flat die granulator, check the granulation condition, check whether the surface of fertilizer particles is smooth and the temperature rise of particles is normal. By adjusting the bolts at both ends of the roller, the machine discharges normally.

4. Before the end of production, stop feeding, after processing the materials in the granulating chamber, add powder containing 3% vegetable oil to press for a few minutes, extrude the materials in the template hole, so that the oil-containing powder fills the die hole, so as to start next time and prevent the corrosion and clogging of the die hole.