Turning method of manure windrow composting

After the livestock manure is aerobic and composted, it can be harmlessly treated, and the waste resources can be utilized to produce high-quality bio-organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer produced by livestock manure can not only effectively solve the pollution problem of manure produced by the aquaculture industry, but also realize the benefits.

Composting fermentation is an important link in the production of organic fertilizer from livestock and poultry manure. Turning is an important organic fertilizer production equipment to improve composting efficiency and the quality of compost products. It is very cost-effective to adopt suitable organic fertilizer turning equipment not only to improve production efficiency, but also to save manpower costs. Windrow composting is a common composting method in organic fertilizer production. We need to use windrow turning machine.

Windrow turning machine is mainly used for large farms and other large-scale field stacking composting. Windrow composting does not need to build fermentation tank, but the composting depth is low, the heating rate is slow and the site occupied is large. The windrow turning machine of no-fermentation tank is mainly composed of walking-driven tractor, dumper and transmission system. It is driven by internal combustion engine.
windrow compost turning machinewindrow compost turning machine

The turning knife roll of windrow turning machine is the key working part of the equipment. Its function is to turn over fertilizer and make the fertilizer accumulate to a certain thickness, so as to facilitate the continuous and efficient fermentation of compost without affecting the operation of the turning machine. The main parameters of turning tool roll are working speed, structure of turning tool and its distribution on the turning tool roll. The processing capacity of windrow turning machine is mainly affected by working speed and effective width. The overturning quality and uniformity of the stacker are mainly determined by the structural parameters of the throwing cutter and the distribution and arrangement of the throwing cutter rolls.

Windrow turning machine has small area and flexible operation. It is suitable for the production of small and medium-sized organic fertilizer equipment. It is a special production equipment for the windrow composting fermentation process.