Best method and operating requirements for organic fertilizer machine fermentation of chicken manure


Compost fermentation is the best way to produce chicken manure

Compost fermentation is the best way to make chicken manure organic fertilizer. When the chicken manure dries and reaches the accumulation, the chicken manure piles up in a pile. If possible, place the plastic flakes on the pile of chicken manure organic fertilizer to prevent it from losing water. When the internal temperature of the chicken manure rises to about 70 degrees Celsius, the chicken manure spreads out, then cools and restacks it. After 2-3 times, the chicken manure pile was not preheated. When it is higher than 50 degrees Celsius, fermentation is complete. Chicken manure is converted into organic fertilizer.
If the compost dumper is not used to treat chicken manure, the fermentation will take a long time, and the quality of organic manure will also decline. If the turner machine dumps on time, the fermentation can be completed in about one month, and then the fertilizer granulator can be used for further processing.

Chicken manure organic fertilizer has strong fertility, feels wet but not wet, and is rich in a lot of nutrients. Excessive drying of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients will affect the efficiency of fertilizer. The best way is to use chicken manure organic fertilizer machine, organic fertilizer manufacturing process processing chicken manure fast, short processing time, energy saving, fast effect.
organic fertilizer machine fermentat chicken manure

Operational requirements of organic manure fermented manure in winter

In winter, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the water content of feces is high. Fermented feces are not easy to heat up, and even lead to fermentation failure, directly causing economic losses. When organic fertilizer is made in winter, too much water during the fermentation of organic fertilizer can easily cause freezing, which affects the entire fermentation temperature. For open-air fermentation sites, it is easy to rain. According to this environmental condition, the dry and wet materials are mixed and fermented, and the dry and wet materials are mixed to reduce the total water content. Wait until the organic fertilizer production line points out the commercial fertilizer, and then add water when the drum granulator is granulated.