Advantages of modern new organic fertilizer equipment processing technology

The traditional artificial composting is not suitable for the development of modern agriculture. The traditional way of livestock manure treatment is on-site composting, which has made contribution to the protection of agricultural ecological environment and the maintenance of soil fertility. But the traditional composting technology is not suitable for the requirements of modern animal husbandry and agricultural production. The modern processing technology of organic fertilizer has become the development trend in the future, and organic fertilizer production equipment is the mainstream.

Organic fertilizer refers to a kind of fertilizer made of natural organic matter by microbial decomposition or fermentation. The common types of natural fertilizer are green manure, human manure, manure, compost, biogas fertilizer, etc. The characteristics of organic fertilizer are as follows:
1. It has a wide source of raw materials, complete nutrients and low content.
2. The fertilizer effect is late and long. It can only be absorbed by plants after being decomposed and transformed by microorganisms.
3. The effect is good.

Compared with the traditional processing technology and modern processing technology, the organic fertilizer production equipment has the following advantages in the treatment of livestock manure:

1. The processing time of organic fertilizer is shortened from 30-90 days to 7-15 days, and the processing time is greatly shortened;

2. It can deal with the excrement of livestock and poultry annually and realize the continuous production of organic fertilizer;

3. The production scale can be designed according to the production amount of livestock and poultry manure, and the treatment amount is large;

4. The processed organic fertilizer has high nutrient content and convenient transportation and use. Fertilizer granulator can also make fertilizer into solid particles, providing practicability;

5. It can control the whole process of livestock manure treatment, and the processing process has no pollution to the environment.

After the fertilizer products processed by the organic fertilizer production process are made into granules, the fertilizer effect is prolonged. Disc granulator and organic fertilizer granulator are commonly used granulator. Granular products have the following characteristics:
1. The granulated particles are spherical.
2. After granulation, solid particles can be screened to reduce energy consumption during particle drying.
3. After fermentation, organic matter can be directly granulated without drying.
fertilizer granules