The necessity of organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer making machine

Organic fertilizer contains a variety of trace elements, including all the nutrients needed by plant life. In organic fertilizer, we can find all these nutrients, and their nutrient combination is very reasonable. But we can't find all of them in any chemical fertilizer. So organic fertilizer is an indispensable part of agricultural production, organic fertilizer making machine is very important.

The necessity of organic fertilizer for agricultural production

Organic fertilizer is the only material basis for maintaining soil fertility and soil health, while chemical fertilizer is far behind. Chemical fertilizer is considered as crop opium by ecological farmers. The quality and yield of crops decrease with the increase of chemical fertilizer application. Organic fertilizer has become the only soil conditioner to solve the problems caused by excessive use of chemical fertilizer, such as imbalance of nutrient elements, soil hardening and microbial damage.
organic fertilizer making machine

We have a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment production process, drum granulator, disc granulator mahcine, flat die pelleting machine, organic fertilizer turner, etc. the production line scale can be from 2000 tons to 100000 tons per year. Different production equipment and technology can be provided for different customer scale and various raw materials such as livestock manure, straw and sludge.