Manure organic fertilizer making machine replaces chemical fertilizer industry

organic fertilizer making machine
Organic fertilizer making machine can ferment manure to make fertilizer with low cost and high return. Using manure organic fertilizer can effectively replace the amount of chemical fertilizer. The small-scale organic fertilizer production line has a small footprint, low energy consumption, no peculiar smell in the operating environment, good ventilation, zero pollution, and only 1-2 days for deodorization.

The organic fertilizer production line has perfect technology and compact structure. Harmless living bacteria preparation and compost turner machine are used to treat livestock manure and fully decompose organic matter. Compost is fermented under the action of a variety of beneficial microorganisms to release nutrients. The bio heat and high temperature fermentation process can kill bacteria and eggs, purify the environment, remove poison and deodorization, achieve resource, harmless and industrialization, low energy consumption and stable product quality.

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