Granulation and NPK fertilizer production treatment for slow-release granular fertilizer

Slow-release fertilizers mainly apply modern plant nutrition and fertilization theory, and take into account the law of crop nutrition demand, adopt some control mechanism technology to delay the release mode of fertilizer in soil, so that nutrient release mode and crop nutrient absorption are coordinated or synchronized.

Fertilizer granulator machine makes powdery fertilizer into granules, so that the fertilizer has good granularity, the fertilizer and the seed can be applied to the farmland together with the seeder. The treatment of the fertilizer granulator machine enables the slow release granular fertilizer to prolong the time for the plant to absorb and utilize the effective nutrients, so that the nutrients are slowly released according to the set release rate and release period.

Fertilizer granulator machine processing NPK slow-release granular fertilizer
Granular fertilizers are generally divided into two categories, one is made of powdered chemical fertilizers, the other is made by mixing powdered chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers. Different fertilizers can be granulated by different fertilizer granulator machines, NPK chemaicl fertilizer can be done by drum fertilizer granulator or roller fertilizer extrusion granulator, chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer mixing granulator can be used by organic fertilizer granulator machine. After the fertilizer is made into granules, the granules are dried through a series of NPK fertilizer production and processing, so that the granules can be easily stored for a long time. NPK fertilizer production treatment is mainly crushing, granulating, drying, cooling, packaging. Fertilizer granulator machine is the core of granular fertilizer treatment.
slow-release granular NPK fertilizer production

As a fertilizer machine manufacturers, Zhengzhou Huaqiang Company has been devoted to the research and development of various slow-release fertilizer equipment for a long time. We has designed a variety of fertilizer granulator and matching NPK fertilizer production equipment. We can customize NPK fertilizer production process according to the needs of fertilizer plants to produce special plant slow-release fertilizer granules.