Organic fertilizer equipment for treating sheep manure | Harmless treatment of sheep manure

The accumulation of sheep manure not only deteriorates the production environment within the farm area, but also pollutes the surrounding environment, affecting people's production and life. Organic fertilizer equipment can treat sheep manure harmlessly, and sheep manure can be fermented into organic fertilizer. Sheep drinking water is little, sheep dung texture is fine and dry, rich in organic carbon, calorific value is greater than cow dung, is a thermal fertilizer, is an important source of organic fertilizer for agricultural production, is also one of the important supplementary sources of organic fertilizer for high-quality vegetable production.
Organic fertilizer equipment processing sheep manure to organic fertilizer, is mainly turned fermentation compost, granulation and drying processing.
Harmless composting of sheep manure
In the composting process, due to the aerobic decomposition of organic matter, the temperature in the compost continues to rise until maturity, which can kill most microorganisms, parasite eggs and weed seeds. The composting process is not easy to breed pests and weeds, and it is not easy to cause malodor. It is not easy to spread pathogens and has no harm to crops. The fermentation tank can be built in the industry for composting of sheep manure, and the fermented material is turned over by the organic fertilizer turning machine. The organic fertilizer turning machine has simple equipment, easy operation by composting, low operating cost and convenient management. After the sheep manure is cooked, the application is convenient, the fertility is uniform, the fertilizer effect lasts for a long time, and the effect is obvious.
Organic fertilizer equipment processing sheep manure
Organic fertilizer equipment processing sheep manure compost
Fermented sheep manure was crushed, granulated and dried by organic fertilizer equipment to produce high quality organic fertilizer. The key of processing sheep manure compost with organic fertilizer equipment is organic fertilizer granulator. Organic fertilizer granulator makes powder compost into granules, which makes organic fertilizer easy to apply and prolongs fertilizer efficiency. The commercial organic fertilizer is obtained by drying and cooling the wet granules made by the organic fertilizer equipment.