Process and equipment for organic compound fertilizer production

The bio-organic compound fertilizer produced by livestock and poultry manure through bio-fermentation is a special fertilizer based on the local soil fertility, trace elements and the needs of various cereals, vegetables and fruits for fertility. The application of bio-organic compound fertilizer in crops not only benefits soil fertility conservation, but also improves the taste and nutrient content of vegetables, fruits, grains and other products compared with those of chemical fertilizer. Moreover, the nutrient of organic compound fertilizer is not easy to lose, and the fertilizer effect is long and stable, which has the characteristics that chemical fertilizer can not be compared with. The equipment for producing organic compound fertilizer from livestock and poultry manure has broad prospects and good prospects.

Bio-organic fertilizer fermented by livestock and poultry manure is usually mixed with straw powder, bagasse and sawdust with low moisture content and rich organic matter in fresh manure, such as 100-200 kg dry straw per cubic meter of fresh chicken manure, which not only makes the material moisture controlled in the optimum range of fermentation requirements, but also makes the material fluffy and breathable, which is conducive to the reproduction of aerobic bacteria and accelerates the fermentation process. At the same time, the organic matter content of bio-fermentation organic fertilizer and the lack of potassium in livestock and poultry manure were increased. The fermentation of livestock and poultry manure was accelerated after adding bio-starter. The fully decomposed bio-organic fertilizer could be used as raw material for organic compound fertilizer processing.

Production equipment of organic compound fertilizer
organic compound fertilizer production equipment
Organic compound fertilizer production process: raw material batching, crushing and mixing, fertilizer granulation, drying and cooling, finished product packaging. The production technology of organic compound fertilizer is simple and reasonable, and the fertilizer granulation rate is high. Organic compound fertilizer production equipment mainly includes batching system, crusher, mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, packing machine. The crusher crushes the fermented organic fertilizer into powder. The powdered organic fertilizer is mixed with inorganic fertilizer such as NPK and other nutrients according to the formula, and then granulated by granulator. The wet particles are removed excessive moisture by dryer. Under the action of sheet-reading, the particles are thrown in full contact with hot air, and the moisture evaporates rapidly. After cooling, the particles can be packaged and sold.

Fertilizer granules manufactured by organic compound fertilizer production equipment have reasonable composition and distribution ratio of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, good fluidity of fertilizer granules, suitable for various application modes and good commodity effect.