Equipment and process flow of NPK compound fertilizer production line

Compared with the single fertilizer, the fertilizer efficiency of compound fertilizer is higher than that of chemical fertilizer. There are many kinds of nutrient elements in compound fertilizer. When compound fertilizer is applied once, at least two or more main nutrient elements can be supplied to crops at the same time. Compound fertilizer is produced according to the principle of balanced fertilization, and its effect in the field is better than that of general fertilizer. The yield-increasing effect of compound fertilizer is also closely related to soil fertility, crop species, nutrient fraction, amount and proportion of fertilizer and application technology.

The common granulation processes of compound fertilizer include tower granulation, drum granulation and spray granulation. Rotary drum granulation process has little restriction on compound fertilizer formulation, high production yield, low investment and fast construction speed. It is favored by investors of small and medium-sized compound fertilizer plants and widely used in compound fertilizer production.

NPK compound fertilizer drum production equipment has wide applicability of raw materials and flexible formula. Urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate (monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, heavy calcium, common calcium), potassium chloride (potassium sulfate) can be used as raw materials. At the same time, according to the characteristics of crop fertilizer demand and soil fertilizer supply, the equipment can determine the appropriate nutrient allocation ratio and produce special compound fertilizer.
NPK compound fertilizer production line equipment

The process flow of NPK compound fertilizer production equipment mainly includes raw material batching, crushing, mixing, granulation, drying and cooling, particle screening, packing, etc. NPK compound fertilizer production equipment promotes agricultural development and production level. Complete compound fertilizer production lines are compact and scientific. Our company's NPK compound fertilizer production equipment technology is mature, the quality of the compound fertilizer produced is high, and the need for less labor force, has been recognized by customers at home and abroad.