How to use organic fertilizer equipment to make compost

The composting process is to reduce moisture and decompose odor by decomposing fermentation, so that the manure can be used. The composting of livestock manure by organic fertilizer equipment can not only eliminate odor, but also use these composts for agricultural production, provide nutrients for crops and greatly improve crop income.

The compost is fermented and the temperature rises to make it harmless. Livestock and poultry manure contains pathogenic bacteria, parasite eggs, weed seeds and so on. The compost is systematically treated by organic fertilizer equipment, and the harmful substances are destroyed by the rise of fermentation temperature. During composting fermentation, the temperature of fermentation products continuously rises up to 70℃, which is enough to kill pathogens and parasites. Composting fermentation needs oxygen for microbial activities. We can use the composting turning machine of organic composting equipment to mix materials, increase material air and increase the gap between fermentation materials.
compost turning machine for organic fertilizer manufacturning
The compost turning machine can handle open and closed compost, and mix compost at the same time, which solves the trouble of raw material treatment and has complete functions. The compost turning machine walking on the track improves the flexibility of the machine, improves the transmission efficiency of the machine, and saves the operation cost. The material was treated by compost turning machine, which shortened the fermentation time.
powder organic fertilizer equipment

The compost has a high content of organic matter, and it is very effective as a fertilizer to supplement the nutrients in crops. Organic fertilizer equipment can be used in farmland by simply treating these composts. The process of composting with organic fertilizer equipment is very simple, mainly the screening and crushing processes. The compost is sent to the feeding hopper, and the material screened by the drum screener is crushed by the chain crusher, which is the finished compost product.