How to Realize Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process of Livestock Manure Waste by Dewatering Machine

Manure is a very good renewable resource, and its use value is a better composting material than domestic garbage and sludge. Due to the large-scale aquaculture production of poultry, the large amount of manure produced by these farms per day is generally high in water content. Dehydration is a key process in the recycling of manure. The effect directly affects the subsequent organic fertilizer manufacturing process. The dehydration of manure affects the volume of fermented raw materials, the quality of composted products and the disposal cost of the separation liquid.
Our factory has developed a special dewatering machine for excrement, which is suitable for the pretreatment of manure before fermentation. It can mechanize dehydration of farm manure such as pig manure, chicken manure and duck manure.

Dewatering machine for processing livestock manure waste
After mechanical dehydration of poultry and livestock manure wastes by dewatering machine, the moisture content of manure decreases dramatically, which meets the dewatering standard of manure. The manure treated by the dewatering machine greatly reduces the volume of raw material transportation and the volume of compost. The solid waste residue is brown, which can be piled up together and used as a raw material for organic fertilizer fermentation. The straw and other adjustment materials are added to the feces so that the material does not seep water, and the water content is about 60%.
manure dewatering machine for organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Dehydrated solid waste is used as raw material for organic fertilizer fermentation. Fecal fermentation produces high temperature to kill harmful substances. Fermented compost contains high organic substances, which can be further processed by organic fertilizer equipment. Organic fertilizer production line through crushing, granulating, drying, cooling, screening, packaging and other industrial processing, is a high-quality commercial organic fertilizer.