How to Produce Organic Fertilizer from Sheep Manure by Biofertilizer Production Process

Manure bio-fermentation technology is used to rapidly ferment livestock and poultry excrement, human excrement and urine, and crop straw, which can achieve the effects of heating, deodorization and harmlessness. Biofertilizer production process can completely make sheep manure into efficient organic fertilizer. Through the processing of bio-fertilizer equipment, sheep manure not only realizes the reuse of waste, but also improves the yield of crop production.

Sheep manure is a kind of thermal fertilizer with abundant nutrients. It contains not only effective nutrients which can be easily decomposed and absorbed by crops, but also slow-acting nutrients which are not easy to decompose. Therefore, sheep manure is a high-quality fertilizer which combines fertilizer efficiency and speed, and is suitable for various soils. Biofertilizer production process is composting and fermentation of sheep manure. Sheep manure was mixed with straw and then fermented by aerobic fermentation to produce high-efficiency organic fertilizer.

Compost turning machine controls temperature and oxygen: After 3 days of sheep manure fermentation, the material temperature gradually rises. We need to turn the material over. Fermentation compost turner can completely turn the material over. At the same time, we should also pay attention to adding ventilation settings to the material stack during the turning process.

Sheep manure is brown or black-brown after fermentation with bio-fertilizer, and the fermented sheep manure can be made into organic fertilizer granules through fertilizer equipment.
Sheep manure is brown or black-brown after bio-fermentation, and the fermented sheep manure can be made into organic fertilizer granules through fertilizer equipment.
Sheep Manure biofertilizer production process

Biofertilizer production equipment
Bio-fertilizer production equipment includes compost turner, crusher, mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, drum dryer, cooler, drum screener, packing machine. The crusher crushes the compost into powder to make it easy to granulate. The mixer mixes all the materials evenly to ensure the even balance of the ingredients. The organic fertilizer granulator is an important link in the process of biological fertilizer process. It makes the raw materials into standard biological fertilizer granules and improves the physical properties of biological fertilizer. The drying and cooling system completes the preparation of bio-fertilizer granules, which are packaged as fertilize.