Organic fertilizer plant equipment configuration

Organic fertilizer production equipment, mainly divided into three parts: 1. Pre-fermentation treatment equipment, mainly including crusher, mixer. 2. Fermentation overturning equipment. 3. Deep processing equipment after fermentation.

Treatment equipment for organic fertilizer pre-fermentation
Pre-treatment of raw materials affects the quality of organic fertilizer fermentation and subsequent production. The raw materials for organic fertilizer production come from a wide range of sources, and different processes and equipment are selected for different materials. For long fibre materials, such as straw, straw crusher can be used to crush, don’t need to crush too fine, in order to avoid affecting the fermentation effect.

Organic fertilizer fermentation and turning equipment
According to the requirements of fermentation technology, the fermentation process of organic fertilizer should be turned over in order to make the microorganisms get enough oxygen and control the fermentation temperature in the aerobic fermentation process of organic fertilizer. According to the site size, investment scale and composting form of fertilizer plant, investor can select windrow turning machine, or groove turning machine.

Granulation processing equipment after organic fertilizer fermentation
Fermented compost needs further treatment and processing to become a commercial fertilizer, which is convenient for storage, transportation and fertilization. Granulation is an important step in the organic fertilizer production line. The selection and purchase of granulator should be based on composting raw materials, target market, production scale and product properties. After granulation, products generally also need to be dried and cooled. Dryers and coolers are needed.

Organic fertilizer equipment configuration in fertilizer plant
Fertilizer factories can configure different levels of organic fertilizer production line according to their own conditions.
Low configuration: crusher, mixer, fertilizer granulator, screening machine, packaging machine.
General configuration: crusher, compost turning machine, mixer, fertilizer granulator, dryer machine, cooler machine, rotary drum screener, packing machine.
High configuration: dewatering machine, crusher, compost turning machine, mixer, fertilizer granulator, dryer machine, cooler machine, rotary drum screener, coating machine, packing machine.