Organic fertilizer production process affects product fertilizer efficiency

The production process of organic fertilizer equipment is relatively complex, and each process is essential. If one process is affected, the overall quality of organic fertilizer will be affected. Now environmental protection is the mainstream, and the new environmental protection and energy-saving organic fertilizer production equipment is the development direction of the enterprise.

Chicken manure that is not used in the farm is dehydrated by the compost dumper, fermented with fermentation bacteria, fermented for 5-7 days, and then crushed by equipment screening, chicken manure organic fertilizer production line, pig manure organic fertilizer equipment, and becomes organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, calcium and other trace elements.

The fertilizer products processed by the organic fertilizer equipment decompose in the soil and transform into various humic acids, which can promote the enzyme activity, material synthesis, transportation and accumulation in the plant. Humic acid is a kind of high molecular material with high cation exchange capacity, good complexation and adsorption performance, good complexation and adsorption for heavy metal ions, which can effectively reduce the toxicity of heavy metal ions to crops and prevent them from entering plants. The best way to produce organic fertilizer is granulation. The compost is made into solid particles by organic fertilizer granulator.
organic fertilizer production equipment

In order to expand its influence, the fertilizer factory can give free trials to surrounding fruit farmers, vegetable farmers and flower farmers. After use, it is very popular with farmers' friends and foreign businessmen. Fund raising and establishment of the company, mass production of organic fertilizer, production of 6 tons of bio organic fertilizer per day, digestion and absorption of chicken manure from more than 200000 chickens, not only recycling the chicken manure of local farmers, but also radiating to the surrounding areas, and also exported to Shaanxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hubei, Anhui and other places, with considerable economic benefits. Chicken manure is processed into refined fertilizer to increase yield and benefit. At present, the prospect of using chicken manure to process organic fertilizer is very broad, further expanding the scale, so that more manure produced by farms can be recycled and turned into treasure. At the same time, biogas residue is also a good organic fertilizer, so that chicken manure can be fully recycled.

We suggest that the fertilizer plant must design the organic fertilizer production process according to its own site conditions to ensure the orderly production of the production line, and communicate with the engineer in time when the plant is built. Huaqiang fertilizer machine enterprise provides fertilizer granulator machine, drum dryer, cooler, packaging machine and other organic fertilizer equipment, designs the organic fertilizer production process for custom.