How to use organic fertilizer equipment to improve soil environment

Soil fertility has a great impact on crop yield and economic benefits. Soil fertility has declined and harvest has decreased, resulting in agricultural losses. Huaqiang equipment factory provides a complete set of professional organic fertilizer production equipment to help improve the agricultural soil environment.
soil fertility

Three main reasons for the decline of soil fertility

1.The local land replanting index is high, and the high-intensity use of soil makes it unable to be recuperated.

2.For a long time, crop stubble has been practiced in China, which is easy to breed diseases and insect pests, making soil borne diseases increasingly spread and aggravated.

3.The long-term unscientific application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has led to the accumulation of more and more toxic and harmful substances in the soil, and some pesticide residues have even entered the water body and food chain, causing potential food safety risks.

Cultivated land, like human beings, also needs rest. Without farming, the land will naturally get sick. In recent years, the unreasonable application of chemical fertilizer and pesticide has made our soil thinner and thinner, lost the vitality of cultivated land, and also brought challenges to the ecological environment and the quality and safety of agricultural products. The decline of cultivated land quality is closely related to the reduction of useful soil microbial colonies. The soil needs organic fertilizer to restore nutrients, and the organic fertilizer production equipment can speed up the natural recovery of soil environment.

A high fertility soil must have a good aggregate structure, which can regulate and control the appropriate water, fertilizer, gas and heat for crops, and provide the necessary nutrient elements for crop transformation, preservation and sustainable supply. Among them, what plays a role is the role of the living microorganisms in the soil, which account for 100 million per gram of soil. Organic fertilizer granulator processes organic material, fertilizer particles slowly release fertilizer efficiency in the soil, improve the soil structure.

At present, fertilizer is mostly used in agricultural farming, while organic fertilizer is seldom used. Even for fertilizer, we recommend using compound fertilizer particles processed by NPK fertilizer production line. Compound fertilizer can provide more nutrients for the soil. In fact, organic fertilizer is the nutrient of microorganism in the soil. If there is less organic fertilizer, the organic material flow in the soil will be lost, so will the microorganism. If there is more demand for chemical substances, there will be more microorganism. Thus, a vicious circle will be formed, and the soil fertility will be worse and worse. Without improvement, the situation will become more and more serious.