Huaqiang pelleting technology - fertilizer wet granulation equipment

Fertilizer pelleting technology can be divided into two categories: dry granulation technology and wet granulation technology. The following is to introduce the wet granulation technology.

The main index of wet fertilizer granulation is the material with moisture above 20%. There are many kinds of equipment and methods in wet granulation. Such as: disc granulator, rotary drum granulator. Drum pelletizer machine is a process that has been used in compound fertilizer granulation, and can also be used in organic fertilizer manufacturing process. These methods have been continued many years ago, and have made great progress through continuous improvement in the use environment and processing requirements of different materials. For example, in the wet granulation of organic fertilizer in recent years, the particle size ranges from 1 mm to 6 mm.
Wet granulation equipment
Drum granulator is the main equipment of compound fertilizer production, which is used for NPK fertilizer granulation production. After the material enters the drum, it will move up and down under the action of gravity and friction between materials until it reaches the required particle size and overflows from the outlet. The machine has the characteristics of reasonable design, stable operation, high pelletizing strength and beautiful appearance, which is suitable for the production of high nitrogen fertilizer.
fertilizer wet granulation equipment

The disc granulator produced by Huaqiang fertilizer equipment factory is one of the common equipment in compound fertilizer industry. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high strength, easy maintenance, convenient use, high granulation rate, and uniform granularity. The uniformly mixed raw materials enter the disk at a uniform speed. Under the combined action of gravity, centrifugal force and friction between the materials, the materials move up and down in the disk until they reach the specified particle size and overflow from the side of the disk. This machine is widely used in powder granulation of compound fertilizer, biological fertilizer and other production technology.