New granulation machine in organic fertilizer production equipment

Organic fertilizer equipment is a popular mechanical equipment in the fertilizer processing market. With the rapid development of science and technology, the reform and update of organic fertilizer production equipment is also very rapid.

Among these organic fertilizer equipments, which granulator is suitable for granulation of fermented organic matter? Bio organic fertilizer spherical granulator is a new generation of granulating equipment designed by us on the basis of absorbing, digesting and utilizing the advanced granulator principles at home and abroad. Through repeated tests and development, the problems of high temperature sterilization and drying of fertilizer are overcome.
The new type organic fertilizer granulator has the characteristics of reasonable design, simple structure, high temperature resistance, anti-bacteria, and smooth particles, thus ending the development history of organic fertilizer. Because the organic fertilizer particles are easy to loosen and are not easy to form balls, the resulting particles have low moisture content and are dry.
The organic fertilizer granulator is used to ferment various organic materials. When breaking the traditional organic material granulation process, the raw materials before granulation do not need to be dried and ground, and the treatment of spherical particles can save a lot of energy.
organic fertilizer granulator

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