Pollution treatment equipment for livestock and poultry breeding

With the rapid development of large-scale breeding industry, the problem of pollution caused by the excrement of livestock and poultry is increasingly prominent. As far as the solution is concerned, it is a good way to treat the organic waste produced by livestock and poultry breeding through the organic fertilizer production equipment. And from the perspective of the use effect of organic fertilizer products, it can improve the fertility, improve the quality of agricultural products, so as to promote the combination of planting and breeding, and promote the development of agricultural circular economy.

Treatment of livestock and poultry pollution by organic fertilizer production equipment

For areas with more farmers, the organic fertilizer production enterprises will sign an agreement with the livestock farm for the purchase of livestock manure, and the farmers will regularly transport the collected manure to the enterprise's fermentation yard, so as to facilitate the industrial and intensive fermentation treatment of the enterprise. For small farmers, the investment in complete set of organic fertilizer production equipment is large, and due to the small amount of raw materials can not ensure its full operation, the centralized treatment of manure will avoid this problem, and play an efficient and fast industrial processing.

Organic fertilizer fermentation turning machine

The key link of the treatment of livestock manure is harmless treatment, that is, the first process, fermentation and maturity, which requires the organic fertilizer fermentation turning machine to turn the materials. In general, in small-scale production, limited to the funds, users often choose windrow turner. In the large-scale production of organic fertilizer, we can use the way of building a trough and using a trough turner, so that we can ferment more materials at the same time.
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In the market, powder organic fertilizer products have a good price advantage, sales are good. Moreover, the investment in the equipment for the production of powder fertilizer is relatively small. There is no need for organic fertilizer granulator, disc fertilizer granulator, dryer, only organic fertilizer grinder, drum screener and packaging machine, which is more suitable for the enterprises just entering the organic fertilizer production industry.