How to buy compound fertilizer products

High quality compound fertilizer is produced by equipment such as fertilizer granulator machine. However, with the rising of social prices, some bad traders used some poor fertilizers as compound fertilizer in order to reduce costs. So in order to better let farmers choose high-quality fertilizer, let machine manufacturer introduce how to buy compound fertilizer.

1.Select products produced by regular manufacturers

Because the regular factory has a complete NPK fertilizer production line, the fertilizer production technology is very advanced, and the products produced are even in particles, balanced in nutrients and stable in quality. Moreover, the product formula is developed by experts according to the soil nutrient status and the characteristics of crops through long-term experiments. The formula is reasonable, highly targeted, full of nutrients, sufficient in content, and safe to use.

2. Reasonable selection of compound fertilizer according to local soil conditions

Fertilizer is divided into acid and alkaline, so is soil. For example, in saline and alkaline land, the acid compound fertilizer (ammonium nitrate) of nitrogen should be selected, which can not only supply nutrients needed by crops, but also reduce the alkalinity of soil. At the same time, the adverse effects on crops are avoided.

3. When selecting compound fertilizer, we must calculate the input and output ratio

To select compound fertilizer, we must calculate the ratio of input and output, and select the compound fertilizer with reasonable price. Because the key problem of increasing agricultural production and income lies in the reduction of agricultural cost, it is very important to choose a fertilizer with good quality and reasonable price, otherwise, it will not pay off.
organic fertilizer

Fertilizer equipment project

At present, most of the equipment of compound fertilizer production line mostly use rotary drum granulator and disc fertilizer granulator, which have large investment and high cost. Under the cooperation of Agricultural Research Institute, our factory has developed a new generation of organic fertilizer granulator, compound fertilizer granulator, flat die pellet mill, double roller press granulator. The equipment has the characteristics of less investment, high efficiency, superior performance and convenient use.