Precautions in the process of making manure into organic fertilizer granules

Animal manure can become high-quality agricultural fertilizer after fermentation and granulation. What are the precautions in the process of granulation of decomposed organic fertilizer?

(1) In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, at least two powder silos should be matched, so that the granulator does not need to be shut down when the formula is changed.
(2) Before the material enters the fertilizer granulator, a high-efficiency iron removal device must be installed to protect the granulator equipment. The materials should be sorted, fermented, etc. before granulation using organic fertilizer manufacturing process. The purpose of sorting is to remove non-organic fermented materials and large pieces of waste to ensure the quality of the fermentation. It is difficult to avoid the inclusion of impurities in organic materials, so the materials are sorted before fermentation. Of course, the fermentation materials are huge. We can directly sort the materials by using magnetic separators and other materials. Plastic metals and other materials can be directly screened out, laying the foundation for the next material composting.
organic fertilizer manufacturing processorganic fertilizer manufacturing process

(3) Before the material enters the fertilizer granulator machine, the organic fertilizer after sieving and pulverization is stirred to ensure the stability of the product quality. At the same time, when adding fertilizer and trace elements, it also produces special fertilizer and various compounding. Fertilizer plays a role in mixing.

(4) In order to prevent particles from falling into the bottom of the bin, a vertical spiral chute is arranged in the bin.

(5) After packing, the finished organic fertilizer shall be placed in the finished product warehouse.

1. Raw material receiving of manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process. According to the type of receiving raw materials, different packaging forms and different means of transportation, different raw material receiving processes are adopted. No matter what kind of receiving process, the raw materials should be inspected.

2. Receiving of bulk car of organic fertilizer granulator. The raw materials from bulk trucks and tankers will be automatically unloaded into the receiving pit after weighing. After the raw materials are discharged into the receiving pit, they are sent to the vertical silo for storage or directly into the bin to be crushed or the batching bin through the horizontal conveyor, bucket elevator, primary cleaning magnetic separator and automatic scale.