Preparation of fertilizer production line equipment after installation

When building a fertilizer plant, first of all, the fertilizer production line should be designed according to the site, the production equipment need to be selected, and the basic construction and equipment installation should be completed strictly in accordance with the installation process. After that, the equipment inspection and acceptance work should also be carried out.

1) Acceptance according to process flow and equipment process layout. Drawing data collection is complete, convenient for future production repair and maintenance, if conditions permit, the final completion map and completion data can be reproduced.
Preparation of fertilizer production line equipment
2)Single equipment test and linkage of fertilizer production line
a. Check before commissioning. Check fertilizer equipment before electrification, usually small and medium-sized equipment needs manual shaft turning device, according to the requirements, while the larger heavy equipment is equipped with auxiliary mechanism of turning device.
b. Single test and linkage test. Mainly check whether the direction of operation is correct, whether the adjustment part is in the working position, whether it can run continuously in 24-72 hours, and whether the whole equipment can run without fault in 72 hours.
c. Inspection of conveying equipment and chute pipeline. Running, leaking and running of belt conveyor and hoist will seriously affect the overall production of fertilizer production line. It is necessary to carefully check whether these conveyors are running normally.
d. After all parts of the fertilizer production line have been inspected and tested without failures, the whole compound fertilizer production line will be run through the material test run. Because the materials produced by compound fertilizer equipment are easy to be scattered, the commonly used cleaning tools should be provided. Prepare the fragile parts in the production line, and repair and replace the parts in time if there are problems.