How to prevent corrosion of organic fertilizer production equipment

Fertilizer equipment is a tool for organic fertilizer plant to produce fertilizer. Because of the characteristics of fertilizer itself, the anti-corrosion of production equipment is the key to prolong the service life of machinery. How to strengthen the anti-corrosion ability of fertilizer production equipment and reduce the production cost of enterprises is the content of this paper.
organic fertilizer production equipment
The mechanical corrosion of fertilizer is a normal phenomenon. After the machinery is corroded, it will affect the production mechanical performance and shorten the use time. Therefore, we need to adopt some protective measures. The first problem to be solved in anticorrosion operation is the corrosion of equipment surface. In the process of surface anti-corrosion of equipment, there are two schemes for surface anti-corrosion, surface sandblasting and surface spraying agent.

Pretreatment is needed before processing fertilizer equipment. To remove the oxide and rust on the surface of steel, it is necessary to use sand blasting machine to remove the surface and clean the surface thoroughly. After cleaning the equipment, the surface should be clean, without any foreign matter. After the removal of foreign bodies, preservatives should be allocated. When allocating, attention should be paid to the proportion. Special attention should be paid to the dosage, and the proportion of mixing must be strictly controlled. It is better for experienced people to mix preservatives when mixing. It is necessary to ensure the uniformity of levy and distribution, the degree of dilution and the degree of dilution. The last step is to select appropriate spraying methods. First of all, we should inspect the anticorrosive materials and the structure and material of the equipment. Different equipment should use different spraying agents, and different spraying methods should also be different.